sobota, 8 grudnia 2012

Bosnian cakes…

Who doesn’t like cakes, desserts, tarts, cookies and other delectables?

It’s really something obvious to connect France with its tarts or Belgium with chocolates, but… what exactly you should try in Bosnia and Herzegovina ? Knowing about all different traditions from the region, it’s simply impossible to find only one taste.

For me, there are two groups: sort of Balkan cakes, like baklava, ružica etc… 

 and… dessert dishes based on fruit and cream as main ingredients.

Surly you should try both to get your own opinion. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m big fan of them. Balkan cakes are really sweet. Don’t be amazed if you receive a really small part of it on your plate.  Others, in my opinion, are terribly fat… Somehow I feel really sad to speak not so positively about Bosnian desserts. It’s simply not my taste… but maybe yours ?

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  1. I bougth some turkish cakes once, in a turkish bakery here in Oslo. They looked lovely and I could´nt wait to taste them. Well, the result was very disappointing. They were extremely sweet. Maybe I am not used to this taste, but it almost hurt in my teeth! In Norway, the cakes are less sweet, and the taste is more balanced.

    Not a bad word about turkish cooking, I guess it is a matter of taste. These cakes looks deliciious. Especially the Egipatski rolat. Looks like it is ice cream in the middle. :)

    1. Yes, it's exactly what I mean...

      Hehehe hoping to find less sweet and more european taste, I chose Egipatski rolat once. It's chocolate cake. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it. It's too sweet and too heavy... But as I said, it really depends on your taste.

  2. I've had Greek pastries and felt the same way. Much too sweet. These do look temptin though. It would be hard not to sample at least once.

  3. Mmmm ... I love pastries of all kinds ... the richer the better ...

    Of course, I am inclined to pass out after eating too much sweet stuff, but c'est la vie ...

  4. Efurrything looks really tasty !
    My mom-person LOVES Baklava <3
    Thank´s for all your votes for me in Saffron-cat competition <3

  5. Miałam okazję próbować baklavy, ale to nie dla mnie;-)-najbardziej tłuste i najsłodsze ciasto świata!


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