piątek, 26 kwietnia 2013

Bosnian Ibrik

If you ask for ibrik in Sarajevo (or in all Bosnia and Herzegovina), you’ll get to know that it has nothing common with Turkish one, coffee pot with long handle. Here, it’s a water ewer made from steel or aluminium. During Ottoman period it was often used in kitchens, bathrooms and toilettes, to get water to wash hands or to replace toilette paper. 

czwartek, 25 kwietnia 2013

Walking on Mejtaš and Bjelave…

Mejtaš and Bjelave are two neighbourhoods in Sarajevo and truth to say, it’s really hard to see the difference between them. Both are localisated in the deep heart of the city, on the north of Baščaršija (the most touristic part). There is nothing special, except few Austro-Hungarian buildings and Ottoman mosques. Narrow streets, beautiful view (as you have to climb) and silence make me back there very often. I like this place and I like to walk there. Today, I show you something simple what touched my heart…

wtorek, 23 kwietnia 2013

Sarajevo - The Jerusalem of Europe

Sarajevo is often called The Jerusalem of Europe or The Jerusalem of Balkans. And hearing it, you shouldn’t think of the conflict, but importance of various religious groups. Only in these two cities, you can find temples of four world religions, just few steps from each other. Sarajevo was always a multicultural city. There is something amazing in it, people are open-minded and they celebrate Bajram and Christmas together.  Walking through the city you can hear church bells and the ezan (it’s the Islamic call to prayer), sometimes they appear almost in the same time. 

Just take a look on the pictures below and try to understand about what I’m speaking. If you know the city, you’ll find all temples without any problem. If not, just follow the second shot.

Looking from the left: Cathedral of the Heart of Jesus, Serbian Orthodox church, Old Jewish Temple (only its roof) and Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque. 

poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

Let’s take a closer look at Kovači

You can’t miss old city gates and white cemetery. Shahids Memorial is a special place. There are buried all defenders for Bosnia and Herzegovina, soldiers who gave their lives for freedom, honor, religion and country. Alija Izetbegović's grave is also there. He was the first president of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

sobota, 20 kwietnia 2013

Taking care of the garden on the Trebević mountain

Trebević is a 1627 meters tall mountain on the south-east of Sarajevo; just 8km far from the city centre. It’s not touristic destination. During 1984 Winter Olympics, you could take part in Bobsleigh there. Lately, I’ve heard more and more good things about this place; maybe because it has started to be cleared of mines (during the war it’s a key fighting ground). According to some people it’s a perfect place for children to learn skiing (well I’m not sure of that). Today, I’ve decided to go there and check if it’s really worth to see. 

Before reaching the top of the mountain, I had to stop and take this picture… For me it’s really interesting to see a woman, who is taking care of her garden, behind, you see Sarajevo; it’s “New Sarajevo” in fact… 

Soon, I’ll show you some captures from the top of the mountain.

Have a great weekend everyone!

czwartek, 18 kwietnia 2013

Sarajevo’s bike culture

Sarajevo isn’t Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona or Copenhagen. In fact, you can’t even wish to find here safe route networks. Drivers here are really crazy and surly moving on the two wheels isn’t the best way to visit the city. But… there is a place which you can’t miss. Vilsonovo Šetalište is one of the most beautiful places, where you can be close to the nature and culture. This 4km long lane, next to Miljacka river, propose all kind of activities. No matter if you want to walk, bike, make a jogging or simply take a rest in the shadow and read a book. That’s one of the most popular places for Sarajevian people. And what I love there the most is that this road is closed for a traffic after 5 p.m. and during the weekends… 

poniedziałek, 15 kwietnia 2013

Traces of the sorrow days…

Yes, few years ago, I would be very touched looking at the building on the picture below. Right now, somehow I’m not, maybe my eyes have seen too many war traces, or maybe I prefer to keep attention on the beautiful window and new life which has started there…