poniedziałek, 29 października 2012

Monument to the United Nations, the citizens of Sarajevo are thankful

That’s the most ironic monument which I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately humanitarian aid sometimes is just a way of "cleaning" other countries. Bosnian received medicals and food which passed their expiry date.

According to the people, even dogs and cats didn’t want to eat that canned meet but people had to. Probably this is an explanation of dramatic increase of stomach and colorectal cancer in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war…

So, that’s the way for Bosnian people to say "thanks" to the United Nations…


5 komentarzy:

  1. Haha ... that's hilarious ... well, not the increase in illness, but the fact that they have memorialized the absurd.

    The UN needs to do a better job than that. Goodness, the money we pour into that organisation is ridiculous.

  2. Oh how awful! To be so hungry and to get such rancid supplies. But this is a clever way to say thanks!

  3. How awful that expired food and medicine would be passed off as humanitarian aid. So much money is spent on wars, fighting and destroying other people, but when it comes to helping, they just don't care.

    How sad.


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