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Roman ruins in Polače, Mljet, Croatia

Polače is the most ancient village on Mljet named after interesting Roman ruins dating from the 2nd century.
According to the legend, written in the 16th century, Mljet was a shelter to the Greek leader Agesilaus and his son Oppianos who lived in the 2nd century and wrote the Halieutica – 5 volumes about fishing. This poem supposedly pleased Caracalla (Roman emperor, the eldest son of Septimius Severus who banished Agesilaus) and permitted Oppianos and Agesilaus to return from exile. A legend refers to a palace built in Polače but there is no proof for it…

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The Odysseus’ Cave, Mljet, Croatia

is situated under the village of Babino Polje. It’s interesting to know that village is named for Calypso.
You don’t need to enter to the village, just fallow the road and in one moment you’ll see church and direction to Odisejeva spilija

Homer writes about this localization in The Odyssey. According to him, after the Trojan War Odysseus was kept there for seven years as a love slave to Calypso. Zeus forced nymph to free Odysseus, and after that she grew old, heartbroken and died on Mljet.  

There are two entrance to the cave: one from the seaside, other one from the high. The marine life is very rich with flora and fish, so tunnel is used as a harbor by local fishermen.

Once you’re near of the cave, you’re amazed of the nature and somehow you discover why Odysseus and Calypso loved that place. The view is splendid !

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St. Mary island

is a tiny island in the Great Salt Lake which was considered as a sacred place already by ancient Greeks and Romans. 

The legend says first three Benedictines arrived by boat through Adriatic sea, landed on Mljet and erected both church and monastery of St. Mary between 1177 and 1198. Buildings of stone were later at times changed and adapted. Finally monastery is a cultural monument of the highest degree and allowed to be reconstructed only in the spirit of history context.

There are also St. Ivan and St. Bernard Chapels behind St. Mary Church. Visitors leave there numerous messages. 

Boat ride to the St. Mary island is every 30 minutes from Small and Great Lake (Pristaniste) . 

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Mljet island

Mljet is one of the most beautiful island of the world. It’s often called green island because of its rich vegetation.  72% of the island is a forest, where you can find mongoose, snakes, mediterranean rats, grey dormouse, song birds, wild boar etc. Sea of Mljet used to be a home of mediterranean monk seal. 

Mljet is the most known of its salt lakes. Great and Small Lake are central part of Mljet National Park. Inside the Great Lake there is a small isle of St. Mary with an Benedictine monastery dating from 12th century.

Mljet is also a place of cultural heritage. There is early Christian Basilica and Old Roman Palace dating from the 2nd century in Polace, church of Our Lady of the Hill in Korita and St.Vlaho church in Babino Polje. Homer writes about Odysseus Cave in his famous work – The Odyssey.

Mljet is the perfect place if you love nature, history, animals and you don’t like to be in the centre of the most popular places. Fresh air, sun, blue sky, hidden bays and coastline covered by thick forests…