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Expresso or polako ? Speaking about coffee…

If you ever put your feet on Balkans, you surly noticed full coffee shops and people drinking coffee no matter of the time. In fact, here we can speak about special culture of preparing and drinking coffee… 

Surly it’s a national drink of Bosnians and Herzegovinians since the arrival of Ottomans. Traditional Bosnian coffee, which is known as a Turkish coffee in the whole world, is prepared in the special coffee pot, called džezva, and served in special miniature coffee cups, called fildžan. This coffee, made by boiling ground coffee beans with water, is really strong. It’s always served with sugar, little lokum sweets (it’s mostly eaten after drinking) and running water. Be careful if you’re not used to drink it. In Sarajevo, it’s said that’s enough clean and it’s really good for a health…. But it’s also true you can get a runny tummy after the 1st degustation. 

Just to show you džezva and fildžan

If you don’t want to try Bosnian coffee, you’ve got other choices. According to the local people, you can take:

  1. expresso  - yes, you read well, that’s changed name of espresso :) ; it’s not exactly like coffee to go, it’s rather coffee which needs to be drunk really fast.
  2. polako (a word very often used on Balkans; it means slowly, not to hurry)… coffee for degustation even during few hours… 

Attention ! if You don’t want to look like a foreign, you should order coffee  with another drink. Here, the most shocking for me, it’s mix coffee – coca cola, or coffee – orange juice…  I really don’t understand it  and I can’t drink it…

What you also need to know is that you should never refused a coffee. It’s really not well seen, it’s like you refuse hospitality….

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  1. Interesting about coffe! Here in Norway, we also drink a lot of coffe. Actually, it is only in Finland they drink more coffe than in Norway on a worldwide base. In average, we drink five cups a day. I love coffe! :)

    1. WOW !
      It seems you'd feel in Bosnia and Herzegovina like a fish in the sea ;)

  2. wow looks delicious! WE love coffee and I want to try it someday!

    1. Oh dear Cezar and Leia, I think you'd get a lot of things to try here ! You should think of seeing Balkans one day...

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    1. Hi,I was trying to send you an email, but... it didn't work. I think you should check your web side... Thank you for your good word. I hope you'll keep checking my blog from time to time. You're doing the great job. It's good to speak about men's health !
      Best regards

  4. Well, I never refuse a coffee ... in any form ...

    When I flew from Canada to Paris, I landed at de Gaulle airport and the first thing I wanted was a coffee. Of course, the French idea of coffee and the North American idea are quite different. So when the server handed me a tiny shot of espresso, I chuckled and said she'd better line up another three ... Yes, in NA, we like a big mug of coffee ...

    1. Hehehe you make me smile Kennedy...
      What's the North American idea ?

    2. In North America, people drink large cups of coffee ... really large compared to the European traditions.

      When I stayed in Barcelona, I was in a hotel right across from the train station, and every morning, I would go over there and have my morning café con leche, not one but two. After a few days, the barista recognised me and would automatically make up two for me. Oh, how I loved that coffee as I sat and watched the weary travellers arrive on the nighttime trains. Fond memories.

  5. My mom never refuse coffe in any form either :)
    And YES she have tryed Bosnian coffe here in Sweden :)

  6. Hej!

    Fajny artykuł. Ja zdecydowanie nie odmówiłabym kawy, wręcz staram się narzucać sobie ograniczenia ;-)

    Chociaż z Twoich propozycji wybrałabym polaka ;-) Wolę pić długo. Espresso mnie trochę przeraża i kłóci się z moją ideą celebrowania kawy.

    Ostatnio na lotnisku w Bolonii zamówiłam jakąś dziwną kawę, którą trzeba było jeść łyżeczką. Była jak budyń i taka smolista, smaczna, ale co to za kawa, której nie można pić?



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