środa, 26 czerwca 2013

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful week. It’s a bit rainy and cold in Normandy but thankfully today… sun sun sun !

środa, 5 czerwca 2013

When women fight with their beauty…

Who doesn’t know this banner? 

Who doesn’t know U2 song?

We want to show that this war is not only man, with gun. Women, we also fight, with our beauty said Inela Nogić, crowned Miss Sarajevo Under Siege. She also added that she has no plans for the future as she could be dead tomorrow. 

I’m really impressed of the courage, beauty, intellect and high values of the people who were living in Sarajevo during the war. There is no good words to describe it…

Right now, you can find this banner on the wall of one coffee shop, which is in the middle road between Embassy of The Republic of Serbia and Croatian Consulate…

wtorek, 4 czerwca 2013

Sweet corner

This lovely little table and chair belong to the one coffee shop on the sweet corner. Hm… maybe some of you are wondering why this place is called like that. Well, just before entering to the Turkish part of Sarajevo, you find a little pedestrian “crossroads”, really little one, where on each corner you find different coffee shops. That’s quite fancy place and it’s really nice to be there and look at the people passing around.