wtorek, 20 listopada 2012

Expresso or polako ? Speaking about coffee…

If you ever put your feet on Balkans, you surly noticed full coffee shops and people drinking coffee no matter of the time. In fact, here we can speak about special culture of preparing and drinking coffee… 

Surly it’s a national drink of Bosnians and Herzegovinians since the arrival of Ottomans. Traditional Bosnian coffee, which is known as a Turkish coffee in the whole world, is prepared in the special coffee pot, called džezva, and served in special miniature coffee cups, called fildžan. This coffee, made by boiling ground coffee beans with water, is really strong. It’s always served with sugar, little lokum sweets (it’s mostly eaten after drinking) and running water. Be careful if you’re not used to drink it. In Sarajevo, it’s said that’s enough clean and it’s really good for a health…. But it’s also true you can get a runny tummy after the 1st degustation. 

Just to show you džezva and fildžan

If you don’t want to try Bosnian coffee, you’ve got other choices. According to the local people, you can take:

  1. expresso  - yes, you read well, that’s changed name of espresso :) ; it’s not exactly like coffee to go, it’s rather coffee which needs to be drunk really fast.
  2. polako (a word very often used on Balkans; it means slowly, not to hurry)… coffee for degustation even during few hours… 

Attention ! if You don’t want to look like a foreign, you should order coffee  with another drink. Here, the most shocking for me, it’s mix coffee – coca cola, or coffee – orange juice…  I really don’t understand it  and I can’t drink it…

What you also need to know is that you should never refused a coffee. It’s really not well seen, it’s like you refuse hospitality….

poniedziałek, 19 listopada 2012

On the road…

If you think of going to Balkans by car, you should really think twice. As, I live in Bosnia, I’ll mostly speak about this country, but believe me it’s quite the same situation in Croatia (I mean about driving style) or Serbia. 

1st thing, you need to be brave ! Green card and keeping your lights all the time on isn’t enough. Of course, you could say that rules are quite the same everywhere. But not this time. Local drivers drive really fast, sometimes without seat belts, but you (as you’re foreign) should drive on the speed limit. Of course, you can be stopped by police as everywhere on the world, but only here I heard once that I should adapt my driving for conditions on the road, it means drive without speed limit if I’m alone on the road. Shock ! Anyway, do not follow this idea, you’ll be stopped and you’ll pay for it ! So, if you’re already as a grandpa on the road, do not react for klaxons. That’s completely normal.  All local drives will get you enough and try to make you in hurry. From other hand it’s good to know, using klaxon on Balkans has also other meaning. It’s a way to say “Hi”.

Sometimes you can meet some strange “cars”.

What you should also know is there is almost no motorways and roads are so so. Unfortunately there can be still mines, so do not stop in unknown places. 

There are a lot different petrol stations, but if you don’t want to get problems with your car you should take petrol from the most known and checked. In other way, petrol can be mixed with water and… it’s time to repair your car !

You should avoid to drive at night, as many roads are badly lit or have no lighting at all.

Remember  there are mostly mountain roads in Bosnia. Keep always winter equipment in your car !

Ha ! And if somehow, you arrived to the city, keep your eyes open ! Orange light doesn’t mean to stop but to add the gas and drive. Drivers can stop wherever they would like without getting you know about it. They can also park their car too close to your. Do not worry ! They’ll leave their phone number so you can call !
As you see, driving style is really special here. But do not worry too much, it’s hard only on the beginning and after you’re so used.

piątek, 16 listopada 2012

Liebster blog award

I’m so touched. I don’t know what to say. But let’s start from the beginning, I’ve just received an information from Roma who nominated my blog for Liebster blog award. Thank you so much Roma !!! This is great and fun !!!!

Liebster blog award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The rules are simple, you just need to replay for 11 questions asked by the blogger who gave you this award. You’re not allowed to nominate the blog(s) who nominated you.

Questions for me :
1.      Bitter or milk chocolate ? BITTER
2.      Favorite flower ? ORCHIDEA
3.      How come that you created your blog ? (your idea or someone else advice ?) MY OWN IDEA OF SHARING MY PICTURES AND INFORMATIONS ABOUT BALKANS
4.      Do you have a favorite dessert? Which one ? NOT REALLY
5.      When I’ve got time for myself… I TAKE PICTURES
6.      Where would you like to go? VIETNAM
7.      Do you have a pet? YES, TWO PERSIAN CATS
8.      What’s your favorite color of clothes to wear? EVERY COLOR EXCEPT YELLOW
9.      Have you ever backed a bread by you own? NOT YET
10.  What would you like to get if Santa could bring you everything you dream of ? HA… DIFFICULT QUESTION… GOOD HEALTH AND NEVER ENDING JOY OF LIFE
11.  Your favorite fruit ? PEAR

The award goes to:

Leia, Cezar and little Luna http://weloveluna.blogspot.com/

And…. below, you can find my questions or rather beginnings of sentences for my nominated bloggers:

  1.  I can’t imagine my life without….
  2. My biggest dream is…
  3. When no one sees…
  4. If I could back to the past…
  5. I start my day…
  6.  I’m the most proud of…
  7. When I smile…
  8. When I’ve got time for myself…
  9. My biggest love…
  10. My biggest inspiration is…
  11.  I write my blog…

sobota, 10 listopada 2012

People in movement

I was always fascinated by catching the moment of movement. This short action which takes only few seconds. Lately it gives me such a pleasure to take pictures of people. And when I’m able to make a good shots of people in movement, I’m in paradise.

Once, my good wise friend told that if we don’t write about something what happened, and don’t keep this information, it’s like nothing happened… we’re used to forget with the passing time… 

So, here it's my note of yesterday concert. If you have ever seen alive Michael Schiefel, German jazz and experimental singer, you know that he moves all the time and it’s not that simple to make a good shot.

Hope you enjoy it !