wtorek, 3 lipca 2012

Old time postcards

Once my wise friend told that if something happened, but we didn’t write about this, it’s like it can’t be kept by the history. It’s exactly the same about photography… It’s so easy to forget about old times… 

These lovely postcards are signed by The Tourist Association of Tuzla Canton. 
"Nice people, good hosts open their houses and souls to guest – travelers, and don’t ask about their religion and nationality. Therefore: bujrum (Bosnian traditional welcoming word), dobro došli (Bos. Welcome), welcome, willkommen… "

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  1. Bonjour dear Doronette,
    You did a great post, I'm delighted by so beautiful vintage postcards, they tell history here! :)

    1. I'm happy that you to like it dear Leia !
      Big Hug !


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