niedziela, 27 stycznia 2013

Animals voice

I remember one  of my very first days in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when I realize quite a lot of stray animals on the streets.  In fact, there is something mysterious, because you can’t meet only one dog or cat. They are always with company. Sometimes, especially at night, you can meet team of few dogs who are simply going to the city.

They aren’t aggressive,  just hungry. There is a lot of people who take care of homeless animals as much as they can. I’m always touched to see some meeting points when at special hour (every day at the same time) someone comes and gives food. 

Unfortunately there is also quite a lot animal abuse… really sad things can take place in country like Bosnia, few years after the war, where are more serious problems than putting animals rights on the most important place. 

Today, I simply can’t not to react and close my eyes. Homeless animals from Bosnia and Herzegovina need our help. So, the time is now. I signed the petition. Hope some of you will join me…

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  1. So sad to see animals in distress. Hopefully, there are solutions to that problem in your country.

  2. I remember being on holiday in Odessa. There were groups of stray dogs all over in the streets. It is really sad. I have signed the petition! Ann M

  3. I will sign the petition ! It's always sad to see stray's :(

  4. Poor babies. There are few things more sad than to see animals neglected and abused. It happens everywhere I am sure. Good that there are people who try to feed some of them on a regular basis.

    Good to see you posting again Doronette

  5. God bless their good caretakers. How I wish every animal could have a warm, safe home.


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