niedziela, 24 lutego 2013

A stranger on the Bjelašnica mountain

One day, I will miss Sarajevo. One day I’ll be not used to be farer than 30 km from the Olympic Mountains and 200 km from the sea coast. It’s crazy, but imagine that yesterday in the deep heart of Sarajevo, I could feel a little soft wind, exactly this from the Dalmatian coast… It sounds crazy, I know, but what to say when I’m missing it so much… waiting the moment to feel free again, warm days without counting the passing time… 

Winter is in full swing here. So many things to do and surly you can’t not to go to the mountains. People say that’s the best place to ski, or… learn to ski. Unfortunately my fear is too big. I regret not to learn it when I was a child, now… I simply enjoy to be there, breathe and walk and feel the sun on my face, if I’ve got a chance to meet it ! 

Let’s enjoy last moments of the weekend and let me show you a little stranger, who I met on my way on the Bjelašnica mountain.

5 komentarzy:

  1. Awww ... love your bear ... and beautiful countryside ...

  2. How cute! :D
    Hello there...please to meet you! :)
    Love that mountain, glad that you enjoyed the day there!

  3. Fatastycznie jest moc zobaczyc te gore po raz pierwszy zima, pamietajac jak odpoczywalo sie u jej stop latem. Inny swiat, a ten misiek wiem komu by sie spodobal :)

  4. all that snow!! And a happy bear. A good time had by both of you :-)


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