niedziela, 29 września 2013

Cats of Kotor, Montenegro

I already told you that Kotor is a perfect place for cats lovers. They are everywhere and somehow they influence a special atmosphere in the city.

The Cats of Kotor Original Souvenirs and Handicraft is a special shop where you can find only cat themed objects, all made by local artists. In fact, you can also find there some cats food, packed in the little bags, offered for a symbolic price. As I got to know, all profits from the shops are given for feeding stray cats in the city. 

5 komentarzy:

  1. Oh, you really are a cat lover ... cute stuff ...

  2. rzeczywiście szaleństwo z tymi kotami:)

  3. these are so cute!
    thanks for sharing.

    happy sunday!:))

  4. Szczególnie fajna ciekawostka o dokarmianiu kotów ;-)

  5. The cat in your top two shots looks like fun. So many things for the cat lover!


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