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Driving around Albania? Are you sure?


If you think Balkan drivers are crazy, don’t even think about driving in Albania ! And believe me drivers are not the worst what you can meet on the road.


I don’t know if it’s true, but I got to know that driving license is quite fresh case here. It means you can meet some drivers who don’t know how to drive… well, maybe I was lucky to meet only a few of them…

If you compare conditions of the roads now and in the past, you should be in paradise. However, or you’re driving on very modern roads  

or… it’s better not to say… stones, holes, very narrow roads, without protection or partly damaged…  

The good point is that there is more and more motorways. But don’t be used too much! They can be ended without any sign… or you can meet cows or drivers who are going in opposite sense… 

You should avoid driving at night as there is no lights, and you can meet some animals as well.

Speaking about directions…  Do you speak Albanian? You better do. You need to ask people to find a good road (especially for leaving Tirana). If not, you need to stop on each crossroad and try to communicate, hoping you pronounce well the name of the city. :) Don’t worry people are very nice and they’ll help you with a big pleasure.

Drivers are fast, very fast… they don’t respect speed limits, red lights (even in front of the police), and pedestrian… Look everywhere, if you want to cross the street. Cars fly from all directions.

4 komentarze:

  1. wow girl, it looks an adventure indeed! Hey, looks dangerous those animals on the road!
    Glad that everything is fine!

  2. Pictures says a lot !
    I'm glad you warned, I'm not going to drive a car in Albania :)

  3. wlasnie ta droga troche mnie odstrasza przed Albania

  4. I'm always afraid to drive in other countries, even if I speak the language!


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