sobota, 5 października 2013

Mala Plaža, Small Beach, Ulcinj, Montenegro

That’s a really small city beach. In fact, it’s a bay, where are thousands of people. Surly, that’s not a good place for me, but maybe you like it?

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  1. Love the beach ... but this is busy one ...

    Great photos ...

  2. It's looking like french riviera in summer!:o)

  3. There's no need to feel to be lonely.
    In Finland, it is said that "they are packed like sardines." :)
    I don't like so much beaches, I prefer be somewhere in "the rock burrow".

  4. A lovely beach, but I agree that it looks "packed like sardines." No, thank you!

  5. I'm not a fan of crowds as well, but it's really interesting to see pics of a place I almost don't hear about... Thanks for sharing!
    God bless you!

  6. I just cannot imagine being in a beach with lots of people. I prefer the previous one, I think.


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