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The Odysseus’ Cave, Mljet, Croatia

is situated under the village of Babino Polje. It’s interesting to know that village is named for Calypso.
You don’t need to enter to the village, just fallow the road and in one moment you’ll see church and direction to Odisejeva spilija

Homer writes about this localization in The Odyssey. According to him, after the Trojan War Odysseus was kept there for seven years as a love slave to Calypso. Zeus forced nymph to free Odysseus, and after that she grew old, heartbroken and died on Mljet.  

There are two entrance to the cave: one from the seaside, other one from the high. The marine life is very rich with flora and fish, so tunnel is used as a harbor by local fishermen.

Once you’re near of the cave, you’re amazed of the nature and somehow you discover why Odysseus and Calypso loved that place. The view is splendid !

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  1. Very interesting to know about this place. The landscape is breathtaking!

    Wonderful set of images, thanks for sharing!
    Léia and little LUNA

    1. As you see, I'm fascinated of this island. The weekend is not enough to discover all secrets of this lovely place !
      Big Hugs and Kisses and cuddles for sweet Luna !

  2. Wonderful! I want to explore...must add this to my "some day" list :-)

  3. You always have such beautiful photos, my friends! Makes us want to visit!


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