wtorek, 9 kwietnia 2013

Time for Kraków / Cracow / Cracovie

This stunning city will always get a special place in my heart. That's my home, where I lived for 25 years, and where I back few times per year with a great pleasure and hope to stay there forever.

I bet some of you have already come to visit this lovely place, one of the oldest polish city, centre of cultural, academic and artistic life. I imagine you tried obważanek (bread roll) or famous ice-cream on Starowiślna street , listened hejnał from the northern tower St. Mary’s basilica, fed pigeons and got to know about some legends. You couldn’t not to visit Wawel Castel, Jewish or Nowa Huta quarter. If you got more time, maybe you took a boat on Wisła river or took a part in the cultural life. 

I could speak and speak about Cracow… But today my goal is to let you know that Cracow is on the 2nd place (just a few votes behind Berlin) on the list the best cities to go in Europe made by Zoover.

So when you should come?
Maybe on September for taking a part in the great event – Dachshunds Parade!  The first one was organized by Przekrój (the oldest polish weekly newsmagazine, established just after the war) in 1973. It was canceled during Communism, and since 1994 each year, Dachshunds have their day in Cracow. We love these dogs, maybe because they are joyful and stubborn individualists. The aim of the parade is also to promote dog health and safety. Come and see thousands of costumed sausage dogs walking with their owners in the city centre…

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  1. I discovered Warsaw last year , and now you give me the desire to visit Cracow!I hope I'll be able to do it one day!

  2. I could only hope to visit your home. My great grandparents were from Poland, but I am not sure which city as I know very little about them.

    The dogs are cute. My daughter has two like them.


  3. I have never been to Cracow, but it sounds like a wonderful city. As for the Dachshunds, I have never been around them much. My dogs were always German Shepherds, until I had children. Then I seem to remember a poodle or two in the mix ...

  4. Fascinating post and the dogs are adorable.

  5. A daschund parade would be fun to watch. My family had one when I was a child. I have heard them described as "half a dog high and two dogs long."

  6. I want so much to visit Poland someday, and Cracovie is in my dream list!
    Those dogs are so cute!

  7. New Britain, Connecticut, is about 20 minutes from Hartford and has the second highest concentrations of Poles in the USA (behind Chicago). I have never been to Poland, but I know several people who once lived there and they always talk highly of Krakow.

  8. O tak, jako nierodowita krakowianka zgadzam się co do tego, że Kraków to zachwycające miasto z wieloma pięknymi miejscami, nawet takimi mniej znanymi i nieopisywanymi w przewodnikach...

  9. So cute! :-) I haven't been to Poland but I always wanted to visit Krakow.

  10. I have visited the capital of Poland.
    I would love to visit Krakow too.

  11. Sentymentalny post! Ciesze sie, ze wkrotce tam bede :)


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