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Looking for some information on Normands web sides I found one which made me laugh:  Sun and sea !  Ha ! If you have ever been there you know very well, that you can’t count so much on the beautiful weather and warm sea…  

Lovely cliffs make me back there ! 

The famous one, highest in Europe (106 meters) are in Le Tréport. This beautiful little town has its own atmosphere, smell and taste of moules frites. It’s famous for its cliffs, castle and the fishing harbour,

loved by Victor Hugo. If you’ve got a moment, I advise you to look for beautiful letters from V. Hugo to his wife and his friend, in which he speaks about his passion for this place and this nature. Unfortunately, everywhere I could only find a French version… Maybe some of you can understand it… That’s my favorite one: 

Letter from Victor Hugo to his friend Louis Boulanger

Le Tréport, 6th August 1835
..A la nuit tombante, je suis allé me promener au bord de la mer. La lune se levait; la marée montait; des chasse-marée et des bateaux pêcheurs sortaient l'un après l'autre en ondulant de l'étroit gou­lot du Tréport. Une grande brume grise couvrait le fond de la mer où les voiles s'enfonçaient en se simpli­fiant. A mes pieds, l'océan avançait pas à pas. Les lames venaient se poser les unes sur les autres com­me les ardoises d'un toit qu'on bâtit. Il faisait grand vent; tout l'horizon était rempli d'un vaste tremblement de flaques vertes ; sur tout cela un râle affreux et un aspect sombre, et les larges mousse­lines de l'écume se déchirant aux cailloux; c'était vraiment beau et monstrueux...

I love Le Tréport and it’s one of these places where I back with a pleasure… 

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  1. What a beautiful place. I couldn't understand the writing but the place speaks for itself.

  2. Such beautiful photos, Doronette ... you have a wonderful eye ... and you have provided the most interesting commentary for a man on the other side of the world ...

    Merci, madame ...

  3. Your photographs are beautiful as always. I love coming here to see parts of the world I will never set foot on.


  4. Such a lovely series of photos. Those skies will be blue soon.

  5. Beautiful shots of the cliffs, water and birds.

  6. A beautiful place! We have some high cliffs on the water like this but they are not as lovely as these. And we too supposedly have beautiful weather. . .but not so warm sea. . .sometimes.

  7. Niezwykłe miejsce, takie tajemnicze. Bardzo podoba mi się latarnia!

  8. Love the second-last shot!
    The chalk cliffs are impressive and beautiful, aren't they?
    And I have to agree with you: advertising about the sun in Normandy is almost a joke! :)
    God bless you!

  9. Those are some amazing cliffs! Lovely post.

  10. Wonderful shots of the cliffs as well as the other coastal views.

  11. Wonderful series!
    Worm regards!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words... I checked your lovely blog. Best regards from Sarajevo


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