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Richard Galliano : La Strada Quintet

Yesterday, during 16th edition Jazz Fest Sarajevo, took place amazing concert of Richard Galliano (who is considered by critics one of the most important accordionist of our time) and his La Strada Quintet. They performed compositions by the famous Italian film music composer Nino Rota, concerning famous  La dolce Vita, La Strada and Godfather. 

Richard Galliano - accordion
Flavio Boltro - trumpet
Mauro Negri - clarinet
Furio di Castri - doublebass
Mattia Barbieri - drums

5 komentarzy:

  1. Looks like it was a fantastic concert with great music on board. :-)

  2. This must have been so much fun!
    God bless you!

  3. Musiało być świetnie...:-)!

  4. Great photos ... I love the accordion, and I used to dabble on one when I was just a kid. Somehow, I couldn't get my two hands in sync, and I gave up on it.

    Yes, it looks like a great night out.

  5. Wonderful photos! My husband's uncle is a master of the accordion!
    xo, Glogirly


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