sobota, 10 listopada 2012

People in movement

I was always fascinated by catching the moment of movement. This short action which takes only few seconds. Lately it gives me such a pleasure to take pictures of people. And when I’m able to make a good shots of people in movement, I’m in paradise.

Once, my good wise friend told that if we don’t write about something what happened, and don’t keep this information, it’s like nothing happened… we’re used to forget with the passing time… 

So, here it's my note of yesterday concert. If you have ever seen alive Michael Schiefel, German jazz and experimental singer, you know that he moves all the time and it’s not that simple to make a good shot.

Hope you enjoy it !

6 komentarzy:

  1. Never heard Michael Schiefel , but you can tell on the pictures that he moves a lot :)

  2. He seems like quite an animated guy, but I think your photos are great ...

  3. Great expressions! :-)

  4. Excellent pictures. I am not good with taking pictures of people and especially people who are moving. You did a wonderful job with your photos here. :-)

  5. Trudno mu było zrobić zdjęcie ;-) a u mnie małe wyróżnienie dla Ciebie ;-)


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