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Liebster blog award

I’m so touched. I don’t know what to say. But let’s start from the beginning, I’ve just received an information from Roma who nominated my blog for Liebster blog award. Thank you so much Roma !!! This is great and fun !!!!

Liebster blog award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The rules are simple, you just need to replay for 11 questions asked by the blogger who gave you this award. You’re not allowed to nominate the blog(s) who nominated you.

Questions for me :
1.      Bitter or milk chocolate ? BITTER
2.      Favorite flower ? ORCHIDEA
3.      How come that you created your blog ? (your idea or someone else advice ?) MY OWN IDEA OF SHARING MY PICTURES AND INFORMATIONS ABOUT BALKANS
4.      Do you have a favorite dessert? Which one ? NOT REALLY
5.      When I’ve got time for myself… I TAKE PICTURES
6.      Where would you like to go? VIETNAM
7.      Do you have a pet? YES, TWO PERSIAN CATS
8.      What’s your favorite color of clothes to wear? EVERY COLOR EXCEPT YELLOW
9.      Have you ever backed a bread by you own? NOT YET
10.  What would you like to get if Santa could bring you everything you dream of ? HA… DIFFICULT QUESTION… GOOD HEALTH AND NEVER ENDING JOY OF LIFE
11.  Your favorite fruit ? PEAR

The award goes to:

Leia, Cezar and little Luna http://weloveluna.blogspot.com/

And…. below, you can find my questions or rather beginnings of sentences for my nominated bloggers:

  1.  I can’t imagine my life without….
  2. My biggest dream is…
  3. When no one sees…
  4. If I could back to the past…
  5. I start my day…
  6.  I’m the most proud of…
  7. When I smile…
  8. When I’ve got time for myself…
  9. My biggest love…
  10. My biggest inspiration is…
  11.  I write my blog…

10 komentarzy:

  1. wow I totally agree about milk chocolate! :))
    Hey, conCATULations for so deserved award and it's very nice to read and know about you!Your blog is very cool!
    And thanks so much for passing the award for us!We are all very happy and honered!
    purrs and love to you all
    Luna and mammy Léia

  2. So funny! I love your blog. It is so interesting and beautiful, especially the pictures. What I think is very nice is your favourite fruit, pear. Unfortunatelly I am allergic to pear, but nonetheless, or maybe because of that I love it!

  3. ConCATulations to the blogaward and thank´s for passing it on to me !
    My mom-person is working all weekend , but we shall try to make a post about it on sunday.

  4. Oh my! Congratulations to you on your award. How fun!!! I like pear slices dipped in bitter chocolate :-) Thank you so much for nominating me. It's an honor to be selected!!!

  5. Many thanks for thinking about me with regards to this award. I shall be pleased to complete your sentences as best as I can, but I have no idea who to nominate beyond that. Thanks again ...


  6. Widzę, że szybciutko uporałaś się z pytaniami, cieszę się, że wzięłaś udział w zabawie...do usłyszenia i czekam na następne zdjęcia z Bałkanów:-)*!

  7. Thank you Doronette ! I will work on answering the questions today and posting a blog later on. I always enjoy things like this where we can learn a bit more about each other.

  8. Interesting blog, very nice pictures.:-)

  9. Thank you so much for your kindness and comments. I've posted answers to your questions and will give careful thought to nominating others. Darbie

  10. Doronette, odpowiedziałam już na Twoje pytania :-)


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