czwartek, 25 października 2012

Main Sarajevo Park

You can love or hate Balkans but it’s impossible not to feel anything. Life is much more different and for being able to understand it you should come here for a while… not to be in hurry, running from one monument to another, just to find a time to sit, look and feel the city.

Park is this green part of the city where you can take a rest, read a book or walk. But parks in Sarajevo are much more special. This what can be shocking, here it’s completely normal. In the main park in Sarajevo, you can find lot of old tombs from Ottoman times as well as soldiers tombs from 90’s, Sarajevo Children Memorial (for all children killed in last war) and Sarajevo rose (sign where an individual was killed by a mortar explosion). That’s surly something strange. 

What’s more strange is to be there during the summer and see children playing around…
It’s also good to know that picnic in park isn’t well seen….

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  1. Some sad memories, but a beautiful present ...

  2. For me it's so to know what this place is like, as I am restricted to news reports. So it's important to me to learn through you what Sarajevo and the Balkans are like. This is like a cemetery and a park. In Philadelphia, where I was a small child, it once was common to take picnics in cemeteries. They were like parks where you visited with your ancestors. I love learning about all the different cultures throughout Europe and Asia.


  3. Piękny, z tymi starymi grobowcami wpisanymi w jego wizerunek...

  4. So calm and serene landscape, you got beautiful pictures from there!
    Happy Friday,


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