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Stećci are medieval tombstones found on the territory of present Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. They appeared in the 11th century, reached their peak in 14th and 15th century and disappeared during the Ottoman occupation.

According to United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, there is about 60 000 monuments located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4 400 in Croatia, 3 500 in Montenegro and 4 100 in Serbia. They are on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009.

Stećci exist in two main groups: recumbent and upright stone monoliths. They are beautifully decorated. The most popular motifs are spirals, arcades, rosettes, vine leaves and grapes, suns, moons, a hunting scenes, birds, snakes, deers, wheel dancing, individual human figures, and the most famous the imagine of the man with his right hand raised. 

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  1. Stunning pieces of history ... and your photos are fabulous ...

    It's fascinating that people, even all those years ago, approach the reality of death in a creative, artistic manner.

  2. this is the fist time I heard about it, look like antiques somehow

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  3. They are very beautiful and so unusual. I was told about them some time ago by a friend, but couldn't imagine what stecci looked like. Now I know. Amazing!

  4. Very interesting piece of history and your photos are excellent. I have enjoyed seeing this part of the world through your eyes .

  5. Interesting motives decorating the stones, nice shots!
    God bless you!

  6. So interesting. I'm glad to learn about your stećci.


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