środa, 24 października 2012

The Grand Paris Street

WOW ! You can say whatever you want but for me it’s quite a big case. For a first time outside France, the most famous architects, planners and experts in urban and territorial planning came to Sarajevo because of The First World Urbanization Forum

During 3 months, from june 2012, the look of Sime Milutinovica street has been changed for a typical street in Paris. More, this street was renamed to the Grand Paris street.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Sarajevo this summer. I regret not to be able to show you all the French look of coffee bars and shops… 

Just feel free to discover the Grand Paris Street nowadays…

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  1. A very interesting influence on Sarajevo ... I wasn't aware of any French connection ...

  2. Ah.. I see this project was initiated by the French president. Lets hope the locals like it, even for its short duration. Is this the way to go for urbanisation of Sarajevo though? I do hope they don't just have this 'taster' and then are left wanting when the project moves on to Africa?

    1. It seems to be big event organized every two years. It should be developed for new cities, and each time elected town will present its vision of urban areas for the future.

  3. I love the photos, very interesting angles :-)

  4. What an interesting concept. Thank you for explaining how it works for Sarajevo. Goodness that 3rd picture looking up makes me dizzy!!! I agree, great photos with interesting angles.

  5. It's a charming street with beautiful facades!Your pictures are wonderful, congrats!


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